Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tried Something New

there was a PC and Book Fair held at the InTEC Great Hall recently, organized by the TESL students of uitm, i think..there were lots of interesting books that day..they were pretty much cheap as well..
but that is not the main thing here..the thing is..there was a shoe designing competition, where u have to register for RM2..they'll give u a form for each registration..together with the form, is a shoe template, where u need to draw, hand-drawn designs i took the chance and entered the competition...and to my surprise, ppl seems to like my design..huhu..which leads to me submitting three more designs after that..the thing is..i was surprised to find out that i actually enjoyed doing that..i really really not sure if i can win this thing...but i really enjoyed it..=) 


  1. hye!!! do u know that u r creative n expressive?? because u can put ur self expression on a paper just like that even the template is a shoe design! i am very glad (personally) that u entered the competition and u blogged about the pc fair. thank u for ur support! :)

  2. no hoping more events such as the recent one will be coming again soon..hehehe..=)
    great job guys!

  3. Wah adik akak ni memang creative pun. Good that you put your creativity into something useful. Mana tahu nanti leh jadi cam Jimmy Choo ke hihihi.

  4. wahhh..jimmy choo~
    hahaha..tinggi benar cita2 tuh..hahaha
    tapi why not kan?
    mana tau`

  5. Kian, I won't be surprise if you win :p

  6. sgt lah banyaknya entries yg cun cun