Monday, August 16, 2010

happy birthday

i have not updated my blog with my thoughts lately
i guess it is due to lots of assignments and tests and classes and group discussions..
etc etc etc

i really want to write again.
to be able to pour my heart out
but i can't seem to be able to put much words together
to create beautiful scentences anymore..
well for now that is..i hope..

here are some pics of my birthday celebration
with baskin 31 robbins genting peeps..

actually its more of the pic of my bday cake
the rest of the photos are with other ppl..
since i was the subject of the pictures of the day..hahaha

here are some photos of my stay at genting

kak umey opening the doors for me

bukak puasa...i like this!

i think she looks nice in this photo
maiza umey hermy zakian

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