Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hey readers. I have something to share with all of you. Those who know me are very much aware of the fact that i have hamsters as my pet.

I managed to bring them back to Alor Setar for the holidays! The funny thing is, we traveled by bus. So what I did was, I put them in their exercise balls and place them in my bag and simply board the bus. I was scared that they'd be cold and got sick, or worse die form it. I was scared that they might cause bad smell or make noises to make the other passengers uneasy, but luckily they were totally well behaved throughout the journey from Shah Alam to Alor Setar.

Now, all five of them, Faye, Jonas, Tina, Mike & Mon are safe at my home in Alor Setar. =D
This also happens to be their first time being here. My three nieces were all excited when they first saw them. And now every time they got  back fromschool, they'll make sure to check up on the little hamsters. 


This is their home in Shah Alam

Mike & Tina

This is their home in Alor Setar =)
Welcome to my hometown guys!

*Okay, I have to admit, i don't really know what to post.

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