Sunday, March 20, 2011

who am i really?

all this pressure
is making me bitter and mean,
i dont like this at all
i get annoyed by almost everything
i say harsh words to people
i want to hurt others
i mean, i actually WANT to do so.
and that scares me.


  1. Ni sure tgh tension. Mana dgn workload yg menimbun, mana tak cukup tidoq. Chill bro!!! Go on let off your anger. It's good you know. Dari dok pendam, lagi teruk. Lama sgt pendam nanti meletup besar-besaran. After all we're only humans.

  2. better jgn pendam zakian. xyah la lepaskn geram kt org plak, go and have a heart-to-heart talk with somebody. and cuba settlekn sume masalah one by one. insya'allah ok la nnt tu :)

  3. thanks kak, n wani, but all is well now